Brokerage services

Looking for a responsive broker who understands your operation, risk tolerance, and opportunities?

At CHS Hedging, our experienced advisors offer insightful advice backed by exclusive market intelligence. You can trust us to handle futures and options on grain, oilseeds, live cattle, lean hogs, and dairy, just like we do for thousands of other producers. Backed by our own research department’s market insights, we offer consulting packages and our own over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives contracts along with traditional futures and options tools.

CHS Pro Advantage

Diversify your marketing while taking some of the emotion and stress out of selling your crops.

CHS Pro Advantage: Professional pricing for your grain.

With the CHS Pro Advantage contract, you rely on the experienced commodity traders at CHS Hedging to professionally price some of your corn, soybean or wheat bushels. It’s a simple way to diversify your marketing. You turn the decision-making for a portion of your corn, soybean or wheat production over to the specialists at CHS Hedging, who have years of commodity experience with a track record of success. You’ll also receive regular market insights, information and benchmarks that may be helpful when selling your other bushels.

  • Take some of the emotion and worry out of marketing
  • Turn decision-making over to experienced traders
  • Gain insights that help you when selling other bushels
  • Have benchmarks for evaluating your marketing plan
  • Save time so you can focus on the rest of your operation

Here’s how it works: You commit a specific number of bushels (no minimum) for a specific delivery destination. The CHS Hedging professionals price your bushels over a set period of time. Cash settlement price is based on the performance of the futures and options traded in the program. You’ll receive monthly updates and marketing insights. The basis decision remains with you. Ask us about CHS Pro Advantage today!

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CHI Compass® Contracts

Explore a variety of producer pricing alternatives to help you manage your price risk.

Available exclusively through CHS Hedging, the innovative CHI Compass® over-the-counter platform offers you a variety of producer pricing alternatives to help you manage your price risk, whether selling your grain production or buying grain for your livestock. Types include accumulators, averaging products and premium products. Whether you’re looking for a floor in a volatile marketplace, want to enhance a sale, or are hoping to take advantage of a market rally, there are contracts to meet your needs.

Hedge Line

With Hedge Line, you won’t worry about margin calls affecting your cash flow.

This special CHS program gives prequalified customers access to additional capital for hedging without affecting your current operating lines of credit. Hedge Line transfers funds seamlessly between the lender, CHS Capital, and CHS Hedging, so you have ready funds to seize the next market opportunity.