Brokerage services

Responsive brokers who understand your operation

Our experienced advisors offer insightful advice backed by in-depth research and market intelligence. You can trust us to handle futures and options on grain, oilseeds, live cattle, lean hogs, and dairy. We offer consulting packages and our own over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives contracts, along with traditional futures and options tools, to help you make the right decisions for the right reasons.  

CHS Pro Advantage

Take some of the emotion and worry out of marketing

CHS Pro Advantage contracts provide a simple way to diversify your crop marketing while benefing from professional pricing. CHS Hedging traders with a proven track record will price some of your corn, soybeans or wheat bushels, so you can focus on the rest of your operation. You define the number of bushels and delivery destination, and the cash settlement price is based on the performance of the futures and options traded in the program.  


Hedge Line

Less worry about margin calls affecting your cash flow

This special CHS program gives prequalified customers access to additional capital for hedging without affecting your current operating lines of credit. Hedge Line transfers funds seamlessly between the lender, CHS Capital, and CHS Hedging, so you have funds ready to seize the next market opportunity.