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Around the Table: Joe Lardy, a research analyst with CHS, offers insights into how weather and market trends may impact 2024 crop planting decisions.


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Research Content

What does research content provide?

CHS Hedging research content is an extension of all regular USDA data releases.  It provides a recap of the USDA reports and includes commentary on what the reports illustrate.  Research content simplifies the USDA reports by giving some historical context and easy-to-read charts and graphs.


Features & Benefits
  • Quick & convenient way to understand the latest government data
  • Saves time searching across various government websites to find data
  • All relevant data in one place
  • Timely and accurate



Export inspections- Weekly recap of corn, wheat, and soybean inspections.


CFTC ag and energy report- Data charts showing commitment of traders information for speculative traders, commercials and indexes.


Cost of carry- Calculations comparing storage costs versus board spreads, to use as a hedging and marketing tool.


Crop progress- Breakdown of the planting pace, harvest pace and crop conditions.


Basis chartsBasis levels for a wide range of locations around the country. See example


NOPA crush- Insights into the amount of soybeans processed for the crushing plants every month.


Ethanol- Weekly data on ethanol production and ethanol margins. See example



Export sales- A breakdown of export sales data, including the top 10 buyers for the week and for the year.


WASDE balance sheet charts- Monthly charts highlighting what the latest WASDE data released is showing.


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Energy Consulting

Energy comments
What does Energy consulting provide?

Daily and weekly fundamental and technical analysis of the energy commodities, along with keeping you up to date on the headlines driving the market.  All important information is compiled to provide risk management strategies to best help manage your business. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Daily insight covering the headlines that drive energy markets
  • Technical analysis to identify buy/sell signals
  • Fundamental analysis and illustrations that help identify trends
  • Recommendations for hedging strategies to best manage risk
  • Weekly inventory data
  • Valuable perspective from our experts
  • Focused, relevant & exclusive insights
  • Strategic marketing recommendations



Morning energy consulting commentary- Daily release including a general overview of what's driving the marketplace at the start of the day.  Also shares details on specific market drivers and events for crude, diesel, gasoline, propane and natural gas.  Commentary will show charts relevant to market movement or technical analysis.


Afternoon energy highlights- Daily update illustrating an overview of what influenced the market through the session leading to the close.  Information provided will show charts and deeper analysis. See example


Weekly EIA summary- Weekly update providing a snapshot of the weekly EIA changes.  This summary is sent out right after the EIA report is released.


Gasoline and diesel basis updateDaily analysis including basis information for Group 3, Chicago, Gulf coast and Portland.  Notifications will show 5-year seasonality charts for each of these regions for both gasoline and diesel fuel. See example


Weekly EIA report- Weekly report showing an overview of key points in the EIA report along with how the market is trading the information.  There will be a more in-depth breakdown of each component the EIA reports on.  The analysis also provides 5-year seasonality charts for each reported category.


Quarterly webinars- Webinars reviewing hedging tools and strategies that can be used under the current market dynamic.  These meetings also provide an in-depth market update.


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Fertilizer Consulting

What does fertilizer consulting provide?

Fertilizer consulting provides risk management insight into all fertilizer markets, with an emphasis on the hedgeable markets that utilize Futures and OTC products. The historical risk taken by buying thousands of tons of fertilizer and waiting months to sell the product can be mitigated by using risk management techniques that can potentially enhance profitability as well.  Risk can be mitigated by applying basis analysis to the futures products that are offered. 


Features & benefits:
  • Daily insight covering market factors that drive fertilizer markets
  • Recommendations for hedging strategies to help manage risk
  • Forward curve analysis and recommendations
  • Weekly analysis on crop profitability based upon fertilizer inputs
  • Monthly import & export data
  • Focused, relevant & exclusive market insights
  • Strategic marketing recommendations



Daily update
This report focuses on current news and insights for Urea, UAN and DAP, along with hedging recommendations. This update also provides views on physical trades, financial bids, offers and executed trades.  


Weekly update

This release gives insights on forward curves for all futures products.  The weekly update also illustrates corn profitability versus crop nutrient pricing. 

Monthly update

This update provides timely analysis on imports and exports, and the resulting implications on the market.



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